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Sharps injury prevention is the law

The EU “Sharps” Directive (2010/32/EU) was adopted in 2010 and became law across the EU in 2013. The purpose of the Directive is to implement procedures so as to:

  • prevent workers’ injuries caused by all medical sharps (including needlesticks)
  • protect workers at risk of Hepatitis B, Hepatitis C and HIV1
  • set up an integrated approach establishing policies in risk assessment, selection of appropriate controls and products, information, training, awareness-raising and monitoring

How to make your operating room
Sharps Safe in 4 simple steps

ArcSafe Safety Icon
Products that have
an incorporated
safety mechanism,
ensuring compliance
while protecting you,
the user.
ArcSafe Safety Image

ArcSafe Contain Icon
Products that will
securely contain the
risk, therefore reducing
the possibility of a
sharps-related injury.

ArcSafe Contain Image

ArcSafe Neutral Icon
Products that will
maximise the neutral
zone, allowing you
to safely pass
sharps without
compromising safety.
ArcSafe Neutral Image

ArcSafe Dispose Icon
Products that will
facilitate easy and
safe disposal of
contaminated product.

ArcSafe Dispose Image

European Operating Room Nurses
Association (EORNA)

Please click below to watch our interview with Sandra Morton, EORNA Board Member, who took the time to discuss with us the EU Sharps Directive in further detail, as well as its importance, following the implementation of this Directive into legislation in 2013.



1. HSA: Guide to the proposed Safety, Health and Welfare at Work (Prevention of Sharps Injuries in the Healthcare Sector) Regulations 2013.